Rutgers-Led Experts Assemble Globe-Spanning Supercomputer Cloud

Researchers at Rutgers University, the University of Texas at Austin, and IBM have created a massive virtual supercomputer cloud designed to solve complex computing tasks. iCode: a prototype framework developed at Rutgers University with IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and University of Texas Austin won the SCALE Challenge. For more information, please see ACM TechNews, Communications of the ACM, HPC Wire, insideHPC, Futurity, Rutgers Today, Rutgers ECE, Media Newswire, ComputerWorld-Australia, ComputerWorld-New Zealand, Network World, (Also in Spanish and Polish), IT World, MacWorld, CIO , CIO Peru, BetaNews (English Translation here), InfoWorld, idealog (NZ), Primeur Magazine, OSP (English Translation here), GenomeWeb, and PC World (Middle East).