Recent & Upcoming Talks


Using Reinforcement Learning in Smart Buildings

May 17, 2018, AbdelBaky, M., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – CS Seminar

Using Reinforcement Learning in Smart Buildings

Jan 11, 2018, AbdelBaky, M. and Panagopoulos, A.A., The RISE Winter Retreat, Monterey Tides


Programming and Managing Distributed Software-Defined Environments

Dec 8, 2017, AbdelBaky, M., A part of the BETS Group Seminars, University of California, Berkeley

Exploring Machine Learning Opportunities in the Context of IoT

Oct 16, 2017, AbdelBaky, M., Panagopoulos, A.A., and Fierro G., A part of the RISE Lab Seminars, University of California, Berkeley


Exploring Computational Frameworks For Future Computational Chemistry

Aug 13, 2014, Parashar, M. and AbdelBaky, M., , A part of the “The Future of Computational Chemistry,” Division of Physical Chemistry, 248th ACS National Meeting

Running Value at Risk Analysis Using High Performance Computing as a Service

May 12, 2014, AbdelBaky, M., A part of the brown bag seminars at the Department of Management Science and Information Systems, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


Building a Platform as a Service for Scientific Applications

Jul 18, 2013, AbdelBaky, M. and Parashar, M., at The Code and Data Interoperability Workshop, NSF Sustainable Software for Chemistry and Materials, Virginia Tech

Cloud Computing Practices for Scientific Computing Applications

Feb 25, 2013, AbdelBaky, M., Parashar, M., and Jordan, K.E., A part of “the Computational Science in the Exascale Era - Challenges and Opportunities” Mini Symposium at the 2013 SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering


Cloudy With A Chance Of Charity

Apr 17, 2012, AbdelBaky, M., Watzl, J., and Parashar, M., A part of the “Entrepreneurship Helping Developing Economies” panel, Rutgers Entrepreneurship Day


Supercomputing: There’s an App for that!

Nov 14, 2010, AbdelBaky, M., An invited talk at the KAUST University Booth, International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC10)